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As I was cleaning up the disaster zones created in the wake of the Garage Sale of 2009, I came across photos ......... many photos ........ who were floating around just waiting to be stepped on or thrown away.


I found them a 'transition' home with all of my half-finished albums and lovingly stuck them all in a deep, dark cabinet. You see, I LOVE taking photographs, but do not love the printing/processing, organizing, placing just so in albums. You don't even want to know about how many photos I have stored on my hard drive, patiently waiting to be held and viewed.

I am both aware of and have many talented friends who scrapbook, but I have never desired to go that route. Too many paper choices, stickers, tags, ribbons, IDEAS, themes ....... on and on. I prefer the clean look of photo insert albums, but despise the crinkly plastic coverings on the pages.

My dream is to digitally design and print a coffee table photo album for each year, keeping it sans words and allowing the photos to tell the story. If I had started doing this years ago, I would only have to organize and upload a year's worth of pics at a time. Instead, I am looking at having to spend hundreds of hours (HeHe) trying to catch up to 2009 and spending hundreds (literally) of dollars to purchase the albums. Ugh.

Oh, quite the tangent there ....... sorry.

Back to the 'found' photos. I removed these picturess from a frame I wanted to sell. I took these photos 4.5 years ago right before moving into our present home. I was also into taking REALLY close up photos, trying to capture details and make it look all artsy. While looking at the pictures, I almost forgot which child was who. That means I am a) a really bad mother, or b) extremely forgetful, or c) a bad photographer.

My almond-shaped eyed beauty, Madison

No Rhinoplasty necessary for her. May I present - the perfect nose.

I sucked on those cheeks until Ellie would push me away in disgust.

When she is tired, her chubby fingers would tap on her lips and we would know it was bedtime.

Ben has a lower lip ....... really ..... it's hiding in between those scrumptious cheeks.

My light-eyed sweet baby boy.

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