night with my men

Yes, you read that right. Men. As in M-E-N. Plural. Cause I roll like that.

I am missing my girlies but am thoroughly enjoying the testosterone tipped scale in my house. I feel like a voyeur handed the opportunity to witness the male species do what they do best.

Build Fire

Perform Rain Dance Around Fire

Hold Pow-Wow about Star Wars Action Figures

Go Fishing for Food

I hope the men return home soon. The youngest needs a bath, some snuggle time and maybe a pedicure.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amy....

I have to say I love spending time alone with just my boys. Taking Chloe out of the equation is kinda nice once and a while.
What I mean is the house energy is completely different. But different good~! The boys love to spend that one on one time with Daddy.... & i get to sit back & enjoy seeing how they are all connecting~!
Then my girl comes home!!! Happy to see her & i'm back in the groove again!