conversations with myself

Me: Girl, you need to figure out why you are having so many 'blue' days.

Self: But, I have always had my share of 'blue' days. It runs in my family ..... in the genes, man. I even take medication for the worse of it! Why do I need to analyze anything?

Me: Because, my dear, you are having more sad days then usual. Life is good, stress is kind of low, the kids are healthy, you are doing what you want to be doing; so ..............

Self: I know. Maybe I am not getting enough sunshine. It has been a cold and relatively dark winter so far this year. Also, now that I am not coaching little people to tumble I am not moving around as much. Come to think of it, I haven't even been exercising! And, I've been eating crappy foods! By gosh, I think all that might have something to do with my lack of happy cells!

Me: Now you are getting someplace. See? Self evaluations are good! What can you do now, today, to make yourself feel better.

Self: Book a trip to an all inclusive macrobiotic exercise and message spa in California?

Me: No.

Self: Call Jenny Craig?

Me: No.

Self: Sign up for a gym membership with a tanning package?

Me: Ugh. How about getting your arse in some winter clothing and go OUTSIDE your door and walk?

POTD: 13/365

Self: Okay, okay ........ I'm going.

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