lame or creative?

My morning plans were derailed by an uncaring, monstrous good-for-nothing corporation who used to employ my husband.  But, I am so over it now. 

I should have taken the opportunity to clean the floors or tackle the bathroom or even wash the clothes.  What I really wanted to do, however, was catch up on some of my shows on Hulu. Since I couldn't clean and veg-out at the same time, I decided to come up with a compromise.

10 points guessing the name of the show!

Can't tell what I combined?

It is my recumbent stationary bike, dusted off and moved into the computer room, so I could watch my shows!  Yes, I used it (I've ridden 5.75 miles in this photo) and I even turned off the lights for maximum viewing pleasure.

So, the question of the day:  Lame or creative?

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Wendy said...

Hope everything is ok!