While sipping coffee and browsing through my Google Reader this morning, I came across this image:

What IS is?

Whatever IT was, I was intrigued. I clicked in the link and found the full article here. Basically it is individual magazines folded up and hung on a wall as the backdrop for a trade show booth. Way cool.

Having a sort of ho-hum-not-very-motivated-feeling-a-little-funky-blue sort of day, I grabbed a magazine, turned on the TV and started folding.

Here are the instructions straight from CraftSylish.com. (Their directions and photos)

A pile of old magazines is all that's needed to craft this project. Experience suggests a magazine of 100 pages is sufficient. You're welcome to use magazines with more pages, but be warned, more pages means more folding.

Step 1: Begin by folding the top edge of each page down and into the binding of the magazine. Crease the page flat. Repeat for each page of the magazine. (NOTE: For demonstration purposes, I have only folded a few pages.)

Step 2: Next, fold the bottom edge of each page up and into the binding. As above, repeat this operation on all of the pages of the magazine.

NOTE: When performing step 2, we found it is best to NOT fully crease the fold. In the image to the left, notice that I have creased only from the bottom of the binding to about two-thirds of the way up toward the center "point".

By NOT fully creasing the pages in step 2, your magazine will retain a "fluted" appearance that not only adds visual interest but also provides a little "springiness" between the pages. This helps keep the finished pieces looking full and robust instead of flat and limp.

The finished piece. One hundred pages makes a piece suitable for attaching to a wall. If you wish to created a full 360-degree object, you'll need at least 200 pages in your magazine.

While the finished piece may look quite elaborate, a glimpse at its reverse side reveals just how simple the folds really are.

If one folded magazine looks cool, then two should look twice as cool. We at CraftStylish.com took this logic to the extreme in creating our Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show booth and folded 350 magazines and then attached them to a bright pink wall. We know how to get noticed!

And, here is my finished project!


These could get addicting ...... fast. I wonder how much of a fire hazard it would be to do a whole room?!

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