sweetness is

Sweetness is:  a good friend calling and saying straight up (before you even say hello); "Okay, I'll just come out with it .... did Dave lose his job?  Are you guys doing okay?"  Which, by the way, he did not and yes we are okay. Dave left his job (of 12 years!) at the beginning of the year and is now employed with a company in a similar field.  This decision allowed us to decide our fate and stay where we love and are loved by many, many friends and a community we adore.

Sweetness is:   a date night with my husband.  We went to see AVATAR, upon hearing it was a 'must see' in 3D in the theaters.  I was not thrilled at first, not knowing the story line or who directed the movie.  But hey, Dave and I had not been to a movie, just the two of us, since Cast Away in 2000.  I was willing to go see anything if it meant snuggling up to my hubby while enjoying some movie theater popcorn.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  The movie was fantastic!  Impeccably done in 3D, the computer effects were amazing and the story line drew me right in.  If you see a movie in a theater this year, make it Avatar.  

Sweetness is:  getting to sleep in on a Monday and avoid the morning rush of our school days.  This is the first year our school district has observed MLK Jr. day as a holiday and I support it 100%!

Sweetness is:  Ellie having a playdate/sleepover and getting to make Snow Queen Punch

  Or, a variation based on ingredients on hand

Measuring and Pouring

Adding sugar to taste (following pink food coloring and frozen strawberries)

The best part!  I used honey to make the rims nice and sticky in order to best coat them with the blue sugar crystals.

Not quite like the photo in the book, but very very yummy indeed.

Sweetness is:  including your annoying baby brother.

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Kara said...

Gee, that friend must have been really worried about you since she didn't even bother to say hello, and just cut to the chase..... She must like you and miss your chats.