rise and fall

(this post was written on Tuesday, however, not posted until Wednesday)  

Today is Tuesday.  It also happens to be the 'other' of every other Tuesday.  Do you remember what that means?  

It's 'Baking Bread Tuesday' with Ceesa!  On the menu today is Creamy Tomato Soup from the recipe pages of Panera, served with homemade asiago cheese rolls.  For desert, a piping hot loaf of white bread.  Can we say carb coma?

For our base dough recipe this week, we are following instruction from an extremely intelligent and famous source ......... YouTube.  Specifically, Connie Q's Cooking How to Make Home Made Bread parts 1-4.  Now, don't be going and giving Ceesa credit for this fantastic find.  I stumbled upon it all by myself, thank you very much.  If I learned how to cut layers in hair from YouTube, the bread baking tutorials must be fabulous.

Looking good so far!  

Hey, I never said it was pretty.  Apparently you must have arms of steel to be able to hand mix the dough with enough flour to avoid this sticky mess.  Little side note here, I left Ceesa in this messy predicament in order to drive back to my house for some more flour.  This is why you must never bake bread alone.  Far, far too dangerous.

While the bread dough was rising, we moved on to the soup.  Well, actually we stopped to rock out to LEGO Rock Band.  Then we ate some lunch.  THEN we moved on to the soup.  Ahhhhhhh, creamy tomato soup ........ I can taste it now . 

Wait, why does the recipe call for baking soda?  And, what happens if the milk DOES curdle?  Season to taste?  I doesn't say how long to simmer?  Why is the 'soup' pink instead of red?

Yeah, not so much what we expected. At some point Ceesa turned to me from the stove and asked if we could give up and 'call it' now.  HA!  This was what was left once the soup hit the sink.

Time of Death:  1:47pm ish

Plan B.   ALWAYS have a plan B

Really though, the soup was just an accessory to the main players of the day.  It didn't stand a chance against these gorgeous buns.

Asiago Cheese Rolls.

And last, but certainly not least; the one who started it all, the reason we meet on every OTHER Tuesday, the star of the show, may I present: (drumroll please)

Our big, bountiful loaf of bread.

Now, I must excuse my self to go and break it.  Then smoother it with buttah.

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