a weekly recap

or really, a recap of the days since Tuesday.

  • The kiddos were out of school on Wednesday due to an ice storm.  I have lost count as to the number of 'snow days' in total, but enough to eat up too many sun-filled summer days.  Why, oh why doesn't our school district build 'snow days' into our calendar?  We live in Iowa, people!  It is going to snow ........ several inches at a time  ....... several times in a season.

  • Due to the ice storm, school was delayed by 2 hours on Thursday.  I was extremely excited they were going to go, however, and didn't mind the delay.  I dropped them off, went to the grocery store and came home to have Jillian Michaels Shred my arse.  Then I treated myself with a nice, hot bath until the phone started ringing.  As in Maddi's ring tone.  As in it's-1pm and-she-should-be-learning-not-calling-her-mother, ring tone.  Dripping wet and hopping mad, I answered the call to hear Maddi say: "Come pick me up.  The power is out at our school."  Really?  And come to find out soon, the elementary school where Ben and Ellie attend was out of power as well.  Ack.  So much for catching up on things.

  • Friday proved to be a success; with all the kids in school and the weather nice enough to get a few outside things done.  Like: chipping the ice off the sidewalk so the mailman will not fall and sue us, swinging at the ice-cycles weighing down our gutters, shaking the down-spouts to loosen the ice so maybe some of the melting water would find a way out, and sliding down the driveway every time I wandered too far out in the open.  But, success!

  • And finally, paying for a day of success by getting hit with chills, aches, sore throat/ears and a fever for Saturday.  I spent the entire day in bed ........ sleeping and waking in sweat-drenched sheets ...... up just to take a quick bath and then head back to bed.   Thank goodness Dave was home and could run the show while I was away in weird-dream-fever land.

This morning I am up and about with the help of TheraFlu and my hubby's yummy eggs on toast.  I see the sun peeking out (for the first time in 7 days) and plan to lie with my cats in the sun spots as long as they will share.

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