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When I decided to take a photo a day, every day, for the year 2010, I was making a quick decision.  It was January 1st which meant I needed to start that very moment and commit to the project without thought of failure.  

I had seen and read about people who documented their progress of their own daily photos and had always been in awe of the results.  Not just the beautiful photographs, but all of the moments captured.  

As of yesterday, I have pressed the button 103 times.  Why not 104?  Well, I forgot one day.  This is real life we are talking about people.  I am certain to flub up; and when I do I will take a deep breath and move on.

Today I want to share a few of my favorites.  If you get my posts through a reader, then you don't see the Flickr photo-stream I have in the right hand margins.  If you ever want to see my daily pictures, just go directly to my blog.  Grab a nice cup of coffee, kick your feet up, relax and enjoy the slide show.

  Had I not started this photo project, this piece of paper would have been recycled.  Now it can be marveled at over and over again.  F-W-O-G.  HeHe

 Hhhhhhmmmm.  Ciabatta.  When I look at this photo I am reminded of all the 'Baking Bread on Tuesdays' with Ceesa this past year.  We have learned to bake bread, but are just embarking on the bigger purpose.  I am loving the journey and look forward to the possibilities!

 Ben, watching TV.  Seriously.  I know he was playing some spy game with Ellie, but then got side-tracked while sneaking through the living room.  I love this boy.

Taking a photo a day gives me an excuse to document this little set-up in Ben's room.  He had done this the night before and I discovered it when walking in to put away laundry.  It was AFTER I took the picture that I realized he had lined them up according to color.  At first glance I was just admiring the time it took to lay them all out.

George (left, outside) and Alice (right, inside).  George has been with Dave and I since before we were married, while Alice just joined our family a couple of months ago.  I wish the cats loved a adored each other, but sadly George is unwilling to share his space.  Alice tries SO hard to win George's heart, .....just look as her submissive body posture!  In this photo, George is 'laughing' at Alice, who is not allowed outside.  Another point for George.

Maddi has started shying away from the camera, so getting this shot required quite a bit of begging on my part.  Mads has been playing the guitar since January and has developed a real passion for strumming.  

And finally, I can never have too many photos highlighting the reason I married this man.  HeHe

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Jess said...

I think he learned rainbow order from me!! Haha!