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"Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder."  Eberhard Arnold

Quote & Photos from b or.gan.ic

My kids' school is blessed with a pretty cool art teacher, Mrs. B.  She secured a visit from Michelle Beschen, creator and host of Iowa Public Television's 'b. organic'.  Michelle spent the day at Ellie & Ben's school, demonstrating using unconventional painting tools and canvases.  For weeks, people have been bringing in items from their recycling box, old & no longer used board games and pieces, scrap lumber, basically anything BUT a paintbrush and paper.

I was lucky enough to help out as the classes filled in and out of the 'art room' (the school converted the gymnasium to an art space for the day) and watched a brief demonstration by Michelle on how to use the unusual supplies.  Here is a video clip of the episode on b. organic when Michelle introduces the technique.

 The crew brought some example to display for inspiration.  I love the idea of using a paint drop-cloth as fabric for a pillow or a bag sewing project.  Right up my alley!

In lieu of paintbrushes, Michelle encouraged the kids to use found objects in nature or to find a new use for something ready to be discarded.  

 I have TONS of photos showing tables full of kids making their art.  Since I don't want to put the kids faces out for the world to see, I chose this close-up showing an example of the awesome projects. 

(I mean, really.  What are the chances someone will see a face they recognize and pass on the link until it finds the person in the photo? The blogosphere is HUGE, people! No WAY will they find it.  HeHe)  I have to follow the motto of my blog:  WYKBYDB.  What?  Come on!  I have explained this acronym numerous times.  One more time, you ask?  When You Know Better You Do Better!

But THIS face?  I can show off this pretty little face:  my Ellie Belly with Michelle Beschen!  

I should have asked for Michelle's autograph.  Shoot.  Do the paint splatters on my clothes count? I promise to never wash those clothes again ...... until I need them.


BakkeChaos said...

It was a fun day - exhausting, but fun! I could use a day off before the zoo trip, but whatcha gonna do?

Kara said...

Yea, who would ever take a photo of a lady in a chicken hat and then find out a dear friend of you know her!!

Oh, and Ellie's dress looks familiar. Pretty sure Karlin wore it in kindergarten, not 2nd grade. Then again, my kids are tall.