take a deep breath

I am going to tell this story in one incredibly long run-on sentence because that is EXACTLY the way the story felt, long and so sad at the beginning which started with me gaining too much weight to wear my wedding ring on my right hand finger (and if you don't know why I wear it on my right hand, oh and my husband wears his wedding ring on his right hand finger just to be sweet, you will have to meet me in person to find out) so instead I have been wearing it around a long chain as a necklace but this morning I was being silly, I know ..... shocking, and giving my best buddy a ride on a maintenance cart in front of 75 2nd graders in an effort to make them laugh, which isn't difficult by the way, so by the time we got the cart to where it need to go I noticed the chain of my necklace was poking out from underneath my shirt and when I pulled on it I shrieked because the ring was nowhere to be found, even though I retraced my steps, and oh I almost forgot that I did find something on the ground that was shiny but it ended up only being the clasp from the now broken chain so instead I went inside and asked the school secretary if someone turned the ring in (sadly no) and I even called one of the teachers to see if it fell off on the stairs of the bus (long story ...... no time to tell) but she said she hadn't seen it so I was starting to feel like I wouldn't ever see the darn thing again and so I got sad again but I remembered I still have my husband, so all is not lost; really, and I went about my day at the zoo with Ellie's class, and what do you know I also ran into my evil twin Amy ((Hi)) enjoying a beautiful sunny day with her beautiful little girls, getting an opportunity to see all the animals they have been learning about but there is never really enough time to see everything so before I knew it we (my best buddy and I) were headed back to the school, stopping briefly at Gateway Market  for eggs, kale, organic, and extremely flavorful, strawberries, 2 loaves of Coconut-Pineapple-Macadamia Nut-Tropical-Breeze Bread (trust me ..... you have to try it to appreciate the yumminess), licorice, marshmallows, a pouch of water (for testing), taco seasoning, honey, tortillas (even though we can make them from scratch), and a coffee which made us late for getting the lunch boxes back to school in time for the kids to take them home but IN time for all of our kids to be waiting patiently by the curb ready to go, but before we left my best buddy reminded me we were going to look one last time for my ring since we had one child who has an 'eagle-eye' and another child who spots everything shiny and then 5 more kids without special 'spottin' talents but who can span the area and search for the ring but wouldn't you know it was me who happened to glance down and spot something familiar in the crevice between the sidewalk and the grass which made me scream so loud that everyone turned and thought I was hurt but I wasn't hurt, just so excited and relieved to find the custom made ring which symbolizes my love for my husband and once again I screamed and jumped up and down and all the kids were plugging their ears and begging me to stop so I did and went into the school to tell the secretary I found my ring and also the teacher who was sad for me but now doesn't have to be because my ring is now safe at home until I lose enough weight to wear it again.

The End


Anonymous said...

Yay and such a pretty ring! OK I thought you were going to say you looked down and found it btw your boobs! hee hee

BakkeChaos said...

Yep! That is exactly the way it happened. And, Wendy, she checked there before we even left for the zoo. :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

i think the bread sounds wonderful!

It's good to be friends in the blogosphere ;)

Amy said...

Hi back :) Glad you found it!!