market bounty

".....To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done."
Mother Goose

I feel like I have made the transition from 'browser' to 'focused buyer' at the Farmer's Market.  The change began while grocery shopping yesterday; when I would notice an item on my list and say to myself "Hey, I can purchase ______ at the market."

The transition continued this morning when I awoke to overcast skies and blustery winds, yet STILL wanted to hurry up and get down to the market to shop.  Oh, and I needed to formally introduce myself to Jill.  AND, I received an update from Paul's Grains that they only sell at the DSM market the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Which this Saturday is ........ as in this morning ...... as in goooooooooooo!

In addition, I have pledged to spend a minimum of 10% of my weekly grocery budget on foods grown locally.  So, not only did I want to go, I also needed to go and spend some of my grocery money.

DSM Farmer's Market: May 8, 2010

      Total for the week:  $46 (made goal)

      Last week I did not keep a detailed list, but I figure I spent about $20 (still made goal) on food items I brought home to work into a meal

      I feel really good about how I am doing so far.  I hope to write about the foods we have purchased, give reviews and hold myself accountable to meeting the Buy Fresh Buy Local pledge. 

      When I am unable to make it to the DSM Farmer's Market, I will be able to go to our own town's small market and hope they have a good selection.  I am going to take a wild guess, however, and say they won't have anyone in a chicken hat. ;)


      BlueGate said...

      What a pleasure to meet you "officially"! Thanks for the support in words and deeds (and laughter), it is all much appreciated!

      Football & Fried Rice said...

      Take me with you, please!!!

      I'd love to come over & take some (very amateur) pictures of your beautiful kids!! Maybe even you & the hubs :) ANYTIME!!

      IF you take me to the market :)

      Amy said...

      Yes! Of course I will take you to market!

      What kind of photos of hubby and I are you willing to take ;)

      Football & Fried Rice said...

      you are so.wrong.

      on so many levels ;)

      I was thinking coordinating shirts at the park.

      in public.

      in daylight.