strawberry fields

I have been anxiously waiting for strawberry season to arrive because ..... get this ...... I have never picked the berry delight straight from a field.  ::Gasp::  I know!  The shame is almost to much to admit.  So, when I got a notice (PING on iTouch ...... awshumness) from Ceesa that we were to pick berries this morning, I was thrilled ecstatic ho-hum about it because that meant I needed to get up and ready with 3 kids and out the door by 7:30am.  You know, like I did all school year.  But, this is summer people!  Time for lounging!  No alarms clocks!  Oh, well. 

Actually it was pretty nice getting up and out early.  The kids were excited and I was all pumped up about the yumminess that I was going to create with those succulent berries.

I put those kids of mine to W-O-R-K

I see you sneaking that berry, Ben. 

Yes, I see your perfect strawberry.  Now .... get back to W-O-R-K

Berry picking is soooooo much better with friends

Awwwwww.  We match

9.19 pounds

These babies are already rinsed, hulled and moved along the line to their destination.  Some were frozen for smoothies, others were mashed and made into a simple syrup to be used in a pie this weekend, several handfuls were baked into a quick bread and the rest are for snacking.

Thank you Berry Patch Farm!  We will see you in the coming weeks for raspberries, blueberries, sour cherries, blackberries ........ whatever you are willing to let us pick.


Football & Fried Rice said...

YUMMY!!!!!! When you get that pie ready, shoot me a line....

Katie said...

You don't have a strawberry patch by the garden? I'm surprised. Bailey was just out picking and eating. :)