good fridays

This is going to be a tough Good Fridays post to write without mentioning or referencing T1D.  See?!  I just broke the rule!  It's just that with Ellie starting a saline trial with the Omnipod and having to set alarms for multiple night time blood sugar checks, T1D has taken center stage this week and demanded large amounts of time and energy.  Okay.  I *think* it is out of my system and I can move on, now.

1.  The heatwave finally lifted on Thursday and we can breathe the outside air instead of drinking it.  We can open the back door without wondering if we opened the oven door by mistake.  We can walk on the pavement without burning our bare feet.  We can get into the car without having to start it and let it sit idle with the air conditioning on full blast . . . lest we melt before leaving the driveway.  Seriously.  115 heat index with 80 percent humidity for days on end just isn't right.

2.  With all that time spent indoors trying to stay cool, we were able to organize and clean the sewing/storage room and begin setting up our homeschooling space.  Materials arrived in the mail, binders were purchased and the computer printer hummed along spitting out downloaded curriculum.  I feel like we are possibly almost a little closer to being sort of ready.  Maybe.

3.  Plans were finalized this week to have this little cutie patootie come and stay with us for a couple of days.  He is my step-sister's 2 year old boy named Freddy and we are so excited to be able to watch him while his mommy works RAGBRAI.  They make their home in Seattle, WA so we do not get to see them too often and can I just say again how excited I am he will be with us to play and run and swim and cuddle with the kittens?  I am a wee bit out of practice with toddlers, as my youngest is now 7, but I bet Freddy will have me whipped into shape in no time.

*Only 4 more days to enter my "who who will win" contest for a Hoot diabetes supply clutch bag from Stick Me Designs.  You may enter UP TO TWO times, by 1) leaving a comment on the post and 2) by liking (or already do like) SMD on facebook and coming back to tell me in the comments.  More than 2 entries will be deleted.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Reyna said...

Freddy is CUTE! Hey, your heat wave moved over here BIATCH! Last night it was 96 (heat index was like 108)...it is gonna be like that for another couple of days. Good thing I'll be a "Lurking Pancreas" in an ICE ARENA!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Lora said...

OH! Freddy is a DOLL!!!!! Can he come visit me? I miss those days.

Holly said...

He is SO cute!! I hope you guys have fun!
I know the heat you speak of...it hasn't lifted off Arkansas yet!! : ( if I could draw sweat, I totally would!!
Ack..must. Stay. Inside. : )
Ps!! we are meeting up in st. Louis in October if it's not too far for you?!