For anyone who has had problems commenting on this site, it is a Blogger issue.  I promise I haven't 'blocked' anyone!  I enabled the pop-up window for comments which will put a bandaid on the issue until Blogger fixes it.


Lora said...

TWO TIMES IN ONE DAY??? You can't trick me... I caughcha!!! :P~~~~~~

Blogger has been a pain for a while now. I did the pop up window bandaid too about a month ago.
What works is... when it takes you to your google sign in page, you have to uncheck the "keep me signed in" box. Then it will let you comment under your google profile. STUPID!!!

I can't take credit for figuring it out... Meri told me. Kind of a pain when you have to keep signing in though. You think google would be smart enough to fix that?!?!

Nicole said...

Love your little band-aid man :) I just wanted to try and comment to see if it worked :)

Blogger was giving me a problem uploading video's and pics a while back...ugh!!

Anonymous said...

Blogger gives issue for about everything. (Have the same issues on my mom's vacation blog.)

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

blogger is ticking me off!! :)
Hey look I left a comment. Wa-hoo!