I am hot.

I am tired.

I am stuffed full with awschum Omaha food delights.

I am grateful for friendships that cross boundaries into family.

I am overwhelmed with how God reveals snippets of His plan for each one of us.

I am filled to the brim with love for my daughter.

This quick trip to my home town and back for a purity conference with Maddi, Ceesa and Miss Em was chock full of laughing, listening, observing, praying, eating, sleeping and wondering.

My take-away (thoughts ~ gift of knowledge) from the conference?

. . . . . I have never seen so many long skirts in one room!

What?  This is t-r-u-t-h people!  I am a funny-fun girl and I won't change that part about me.

My mature take-away is a reminder how God made us all so different and how each one of us has our own, unique walk with Him.  He made us to desire to belong and feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Our common thread is we all fall short of the perfect life of Christ and our purpose is to drop our sins at the cross and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose; to fulfill His plan for us.  We may look, dress, talk and come from different backgrounds, but we walk away knowing these are simply distractions from living in His glory.

I will rest tonight in my own bed, in my husband's arms and thank God for the blessings in my life . . . . including those blessings in disguise.


Lora said...

The message at church tonight was that we have to live in the now to find grace in the what is ahead for us. They said it WAY better, of course, but it hit home. I am always asking for him to take away this heartache, but I might need it to appreciate what is coming my way. Not sure if that just made sense???

Roselady said...

Well, you know you are going to need one of those skirts come September!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I hate to say it, but you will have to sew your own long skirt - I just think the "typical" LONG skirt, will look like a wedding gown on ya. I'm just sayin :-) and I agree, you need one. And braids.

Reyna said...

OK...am I missing something with the skirts? And, would I get in trouble going in a mini-skirt donning knee-high boots?