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Ellie with her OmniPod Insulin Pump

Ellie chose the OmniPod Insulin Pump because she loved the auto-insertion, the tubeless design, and that the pod was waterproof.  She has been proudly pumping insulin since August of 2011. Here is a video we took of her first pod change last July, during her week-long saline trial.

Ellie wears the pod on her stomach, the back of her arms, and on the top of her bum cheeks. Changing the pod site every three days means she has lots of opportunities to decorate the replacement pod (the pod itself is disposable after wearing for 3 days) with stickers and Sharpie designs.

Other Omnipod pumpers personalize their pods, and some even keep the spent pods and use them as decorations and art projects.

Nate over at Houston . . . We Have a Problem likes to decorate his pods, and is kind enough to let his sisters in on the project.

Leighann over at D-Mom*Blog decorates the used pods and uses them as ornaments for her Christmas tree.

Bean from My Sweet Bean and her Pod likes to decorate her doll with a perfectly sized pod so she can be just as sweet as her.

While the stickers, temporary tattoos, and permanent marker personalization work o-k-a-y, Ellie has always wanted something a little more sturdy and re-usable to personalized her pod. These days it is all about personalizing your cell phone, ipod, backpack, t-shirts, etc . . . so why not an insulin pump?

Last night I was browsing my facebook feed and came upon an intriguing update on the OmniPod Group page. A woman named Emily posted a link to her fiance's blog where he wrote a post about designing a product called OmniSkinz.

image from Scott's wordpress blog post
Pimp. Your. Pod. 

Yes, please! I called Ellie over to take a look at the design.  She jumped up and down, clapped her hands, and squealed with delight. "I want those!  Can I, can I, can I . . . can I have all of them, please?!?!"

"Sorry, babe.  These are just prototypes.  They aren't for sale . . . yet", I told her.

I continued to read how Scott came up with the idea, (his fiance, Emily, was diagnosed with T1D and now pumps with the OmniPod) contracted someone to make a prototype, and contacted Insulet, the maker of the OmniPod Insulin Pump, to see if they would be interested in manufacturing the OmniSkinz.

Sketches of the OmniSkinz - personalization

I don't want to miss-quote by summarizing, and I really want you to check out Scott's webpage, so I will give you a link to go and check it out for yourself. 

After reading the article, I encourage you to take the survey and email the Insulet Corporation, telling them you want to see OmniSkinz get to market. (links on Scott's webpage) At this stage, Scott is trying to let Insulet know there IS a demand for this product, and pod customers want personalization for the pod, not just the PDM (personal data manager ~ controls the OmniPod Insulin Pump)

Ellie will live with T1D until a cure is discovered. With that knowledge, her dad and I try to make living with T1D as easy and fun and 'normal' as possible. If she likes these OmniSkinz, then I want to support seeing them manufactured. Even if you, your child, or anyone in your family/friend circle does not personally use an OmniPod Insulin Pump, please take a moment to fill out the survey and let Scott know he has a fantastic idea.

*I do not know Scott personally. I found his website through a facebook link and commented on his blog post. Scott emailed me a reply after I asked a question in his survey, and I emailed back asking if I could post his images, product, and story on my personal blog at three thirty three. Scott did not ask me to write about OmniSkinz, nor will I be compensated in any form for doing so. I support small business and great ideas, so this write-up is my opinion in hopes to see OmniSkinz available for purchase.


Diapeepees said...

what a cool discovery!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

L.O.V.E the idea...Bean would totally squeal with delight over pink pods!!!

Oh, and it was a bit odd seeing her over here...took me by surprise this morning. Guess I need another cuppa!!

Misty said...

That is SOOO cool! Heading over to take the survey now :)

Joanne said...

Very cool! Thanks for letting us know about it. Elise saw it and really wants a pink one. Of course.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Nice! Pimp it baby!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I agree - make lemonade, right?!?

Love that pimp:)

sky0138 said...

what a cool idea!!