I did that?

Back story: One of my besties (yes, I am 36 years old and should not use terms like bestie, but this is my blog and I'll write how I want to) has about-to-be 3 year old twin girls. They already have in their possession a crafty appliqued birthday dress for when their older daughter turned 3. When my friend pulled the dress out of storage for the twins, she tried to search for another dress just like it so each girl would have one to wear. No luck. Being the crafty girlfriend, she called me up and asked if I could make the dress.

The original dress ....... did I mention it had a front AND a back?!

Notice the details! The adornments! The, um ...... difficulty!

My version

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
By the way, I did not make the actual dress. She ordered the plain denim dress and I just prettied it up.

Happy 3rd birthday S & S!!!!!!!!


let us just forget

Let us just forget:

  • ...... I haven't written a new post in 15 days
  • ...... I promised myself I would have more time for quiet thoughts now the kids are in school
  • ...... All of the house cleaning and schedule I told myself I would keep up on (NOT MY HOUSE; but a nice reminder it could be if I don't implement my plan
  • ...... I considered baking a new type of cookie each week for the kiddos, then reconsidered due to the 1000's of extra calories

Let us just remember:

  • ...... I wanted to make a blanket for my new niece (hopefully not arriving until November 3rd) and, here it is!

  • ...... I had plans to make my mother-in-law some more grocery bags, and, viola!

  • ...... Babies are the best thing in the whole wide world; especially when they are named Freddy and are related to you (nephew)

  • Those who lost and gave their lives on September 11, 2001