This photo is to represent my reflective mood.  And I like bubbles.  The firetruck means nothing to me.

I have to admit sitting down to write the last NaBloPoMo post for July is a little tough.  While I am happy the personal challenge is over, I will miss the discipline it took to come here and share my thoughts e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.  Maybe I should up the ante and commit to blogging everyday for 1 entire year . . . . eh, I'm not THAT disciplined.

I did go back in the dusty archives of Three Thirty Three to take a peek at what was happening this time last year.  I figured reflecting on a post from last July would be fun way to see just how different, or the same, our lives have been.



feel the love

So, eating better is supposed to make your immune system stronger, right? 

Five antibiotics for five people with strep throat.  We must all love each other LOTS and LOTS to share germs like we do.

Yep; a clean sweep in our household.  Dave didn't actually test positive at the doctors office with the rest of us, but was prescribed antibiotics anyway and was informed to take it if he felt any symptoms.  "Hhhhmmmm, maybe this is why I have been so wiped out the last couple of days and have had a headache and scratchy throat!"  says the hubby when I tell him about the appointment.  Um, yeah.  Open the hatch and down the gullet with the antibiotic bullet!

Now empowered with our prescriptions, I must stock up on some probiotic rich yogurt and kefir for some major gut healing at the end of the next 10 days.  This should all fit in so nicely with the real food challenge our family will embark upon on August 5th for 10 days. 

Huh.  10 days of antibiotics and 10 days for the challenge.  I wonder what the significance of a 10 day cycle is?  I suppose I could 'Google' it, but I would much rather have someone respond in the comments with the answer.


Off to heal.
We took the 10 day course of antibiotics and killed the strep bacteria.  As I recall, this was the 2nd round of meds to treat strep throat; the 1st being a month earlier.
As far as the 10 day real food challenge?  Not so much.  I blew off the challenge and decided to focus on the challenge(s) of a new school year schedule instead of trying to implement a rigid eating plan.  What we did instead was to s-l-o-w-l-y phase out hydrogenated oils and trans fats and food that my grandmother would not have recognized as foods, over the course of a couple of months.  This process, however, was thrown off kilter when Ellie was diagnosed in late September with Type 1 Diabetes.  Suddenly I did not care WHAT kinds of foods she ate, but instead focused on CAN I FIGURE THE CARB COUNTS of what she ate.  Now that we are 10 months into T1D we are back on track with healthy foods and I now know how to find a 'carb' in a 'haystack'.
What is the biggest thing about last year's post that just jumps off the computer screen at me?
I think this was the beginning of the end for Ellie's insulin producing islet cells in her pancreas.
You see, the common theory as to why the islet cells are suddenly attacked by it's own body (T1D is an autoimmune disease) is that an environmental or genetic trigger 'woke' up the autoimmune cells to go attack the insulin producing cells.  
Triggers such as an illness.  Or rapid succession of illnesses . . . . wearing down the immune system.
Something maybe like strep throat back-to-back.  Possibly.  We may never know.
But looking back at this post and the line up of antibiotics I can not help but wonder if the end of July, 2010 was also the end of Ellie's disease-free life.
*I do want to say, for the record, we are living and thriving and loving life in July of 2011.  Ellie's T1D has not held this family back nor has it given us a 'downer' view forward.  This just happened to be the post from last year and my reflections on that post.  Thank you ALL for sticking with me and supporting me through this loooooooong month of everyday posts!



Because a date morning with my husband is never boring . . . .

Because PMS makes me weepy and needy . . . .

Because Ellie's numbers have been high and excitement brings her down . . .

Because I needed a really good post for the 30th day of NaBloPoMo . . . .

Because we are THAT family . . . .

Because 4 cats are so much more fun than 2; we would like to introduce Piper (L) and Rosie (R)

Yes, you may call the people with the pretty white coat to come and get me.


good fridays

I will trust the calendar on my computer and on my fridge to be truthful about today being Friday.  This week has been a complete blur and today could be a Wednesday in February for all I  . . .  feel?  Know?  Think?  Whatever.  Since all resources point to Friday I will play along and write 3 moments I am grateful for this past week . . . month?  Year?  Millennium? 

1.  I am grateful to have been a part of the celebration of life service of a dear church member, Becca, who was received into the Kingdom in Heaven last Saturday.  Her three year battle of a painful cancer ended, leaving behind an adoring husband and 2 precious little girls.  Her family and friends honored her life yesterday with a funeral service I was humbled and honored to be part of.  A reminder to live a life walking with and glorifying Jesus.

2.  My cluttered house means we had a good week of playing.  As long as nothing is growing fuzzy I can live with it for a couple of more days.

3.  Lots of reading going on it our house.  I will never tire of walking into a room to see a someone curled up in a chair or on the floor lost in a story.

What are 3 of your moments of gratitude this week?


just do it

Will you take a moment and do this for Ellie?  The postcards will be printed August 31st, so you only have a couple of more days to do it.  Please.  Just do it.


mission accomplished

It took a trampoline, sidewalk chalk creations, dressing up, catching a tiger, shooting toy guns, adding 3 more kids to the mix, playing football, Wii Music, reading stories, watching movies and 2.5 hours at the pool to wear this little toddler out.

Mission Accomplished ~ over and out.


who won?


To cjb = Carolyn!!!!!!

Carolyn discovered my blog through facebook, and found me on facebook  through our high school 20th reunion page.  Carolyn's niece has type 1 diabetes and she plans to give the hoot d-supply bag to her so she can be super stylish when returning to school.

Thank you all for participating!!!! 

(Carolyn . . . send me a message through facebook with your address so I can pass it along to Rickina from Stick Me Designs, who will mail out your package)


you ask, I tell

Good news!  Good news!  We had our follow-up saline pump trial appointment with the endo this morning and the Omnipod pump is ordered and waiting for insurance approval!  Woo-To-The-Hoo!!!!

My brain is a little mushy today so I posted a request on facebook to 'ask me a question or give me a topic' to fulfil today's NaBloPoMo post. 

Here are my questions!

The very beautiful Jenni, who is gracious and kind, asked me:

     "I still want to know how you cook the alien
   looking veggies!"

I assume you meant the kohlrabi?!   These lovely cruciferous orbs taste delicious peeled, sliced and chilled.  Dipped in blue cheese dressing is my favorite way to enjoy the crisp, brocolli-stem taste.  Shredded on salads or added to cole slaw would be another fabulous way to enjoy these veggies, or even sauteed in butter, garlic, salt, pepper and a dash of red pepper for heat.  Try 'em . . . you like 'em!!!

1.  The ultra sweet and smart Heidi wanted to know what:
       "your favorite way to treat lows or your
   favorite low/no carbs snacks"

When we are home and Ellie has a low blood sugar, a 4oz Juicy Juice is her choice of sugars.

When we are away, Ellie loves to squirt some GoGo Squeez applesause into her mouth for a quick and easy clean-up treat.  We like to store them in the fridge and have lately been popping them into the freezer for a slushy pick-me up!  They di defrost pretty quickly, but it also keeps other things in your d-supply bag from getting too warm.

Ellie's favorite low-carb snacks continue to be beef sticks & cheese, frozen simply go-gurts, and raw veggies with ranch dip.

2.  The ever-so-happy Carol wanted to know: (no link = no blog . . . c'mon Carol!  Get yourself a blog!)

     "about how you and Dave tag team D-care,
     what works and doesn't work"

We decided at Ellie's diagnosis we were not going to allow T1D to get between us and be a point of contention.  When we are both home with Ellie or out and about, we consult each other throw numbers here and there until we reach a mutual decision how much insulin to dose or how many carbs are in something we don't have nutritional info about.  We like to make a game of it and have as much fun as we can in order to 'stick it' to the disease.

When I am home with Ellie, Dave trusts me to be the pancreas.  When Ellie is home with Dave, he gets to pancreate.  NO HOVERING BY PHONE!  unless asked ;)

When it comes to injecting the nightly Lantus (long acting, slow release insulin) we rock-paper-scissor or bribe each other to get the other one to shoot Ellie's buns.  She does not like Lantus one little bit and throse a mini-hissy fit most nights.

3.  The fair-haired pretty Tracy with the gorgeous smile asked:

     "Where did you get that cute flower for
     your hair"

Tracy was referring to my facebook profile picture, I assume.  Oh my 13yo daughter Maddi will be soooooo glad you asked!  She made the flower headband using felt (for the pettals) buttons and ribbon (for the hair band) and hand sewed it together with needle and thread.  She was inspired by seeing several things like this at an artisan craft fair.

4.  And finally, my long-time friend Kara (who also doesn't blog . . . tsk tsk) wanted me to share:

     "Pictures that make you giggle and bring
     back fun memories"

Oh Kara, be careful what you ask for!!!

Miss Kara herself

Kara and I 'kidnapping' a friend

Kara attacking me at WalMart

No words necessary

Alrighty. This has been fun but now I must go and get ready for a certain little cute 2yo boy who will be arriving any minute!!!!


a time to weep and a time to laugh

My letter to the grandchildren (of my mom) was a beautiful way to honor my mother and allow her legacy to live on in them. 

The memorial ceremony provided the closure needed to fulfil my mom's wish of having her bodily remains buried with her mother, father and brother.

The ceremony also provided an opportunity to weep and mourn for her passing.

Then, as written in Ecclesiastes, a time to laugh and a time to dance.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 (ESV)
a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance 

We chose to laugh and dance in the water for the remainder of the weekend, spending time with extended family and rejoicing in togetherness.  Thank you to Jessie & Nick, Jon, Chris & Alyssa, Rick (Uncle Great!) & Deb, Cory, Beth, Lucas & Dillon, Tracy, Dustin & Brayden and Mandy for joining me and my family!




Of course, T1D came along for the fun . . . quite a few lows from all that swimming!!!!

And now, a time to rest . . . .


celebrating my mom

My mom, Suzanne, with three of her six grandchildren ~ Maddi, Ellie and Ben
September 2010 - 6 months before she died

This is the last photo I took of my mom.  It was on Labor Day weekend when we traveled back to Omaha to visit family.  It was also the last time my children got to spend with their grandmother.  I love how Maddi is smiling and looking over at her.  I can just imagine the conversation preceding the photo.  My mom has the slightest hint of a smirk on her face and her eyes tell me she just said something funny.  It probably went something like this.

Me:  "Are you ready?  Ben stay still while I take a photo."

Mom:  "Is my hair okay? 
Should I leave my glasses on or off. 
Oh I don't like photos taken of me."

Me:  "But Mom, do it for me and the kiddos, okay?"

Mom:  "Oh alright, but I am not going to like it!"

:: cue Maddi looking over and smiling at her ::

Today our family is laying my mother's cremated remains to rest in the same spot her father, mother and brother are buried. 

We will spend the day celebrating her life, swapping stories, and sharing with her grandchildren all the funny and quirky stories of her life. 

Today would have been her 61st birthday. 

I am sure there will be tears, plenty of prayers and a whole lot of smiles. 

While we miss the presence of her on earth, we can fully celebrate her eternal life with the Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven.

* I am writing this on Thursday evening and setting it to post on Saturday since I will out of town, celebrating the life of my mom.


good fridays

This is going to be a tough Good Fridays post to write without mentioning or referencing T1D.  See?!  I just broke the rule!  It's just that with Ellie starting a saline trial with the Omnipod and having to set alarms for multiple night time blood sugar checks, T1D has taken center stage this week and demanded large amounts of time and energy.  Okay.  I *think* it is out of my system and I can move on, now.

1.  The heatwave finally lifted on Thursday and we can breathe the outside air instead of drinking it.  We can open the back door without wondering if we opened the oven door by mistake.  We can walk on the pavement without burning our bare feet.  We can get into the car without having to start it and let it sit idle with the air conditioning on full blast . . . lest we melt before leaving the driveway.  Seriously.  115 heat index with 80 percent humidity for days on end just isn't right.

2.  With all that time spent indoors trying to stay cool, we were able to organize and clean the sewing/storage room and begin setting up our homeschooling space.  Materials arrived in the mail, binders were purchased and the computer printer hummed along spitting out downloaded curriculum.  I feel like we are possibly almost a little closer to being sort of ready.  Maybe.

3.  Plans were finalized this week to have this little cutie patootie come and stay with us for a couple of days.  He is my step-sister's 2 year old boy named Freddy and we are so excited to be able to watch him while his mommy works RAGBRAI.  They make their home in Seattle, WA so we do not get to see them too often and can I just say again how excited I am he will be with us to play and run and swim and cuddle with the kittens?  I am a wee bit out of practice with toddlers, as my youngest is now 7, but I bet Freddy will have me whipped into shape in no time.

*Only 4 more days to enter my "who who will win" contest for a Hoot diabetes supply clutch bag from Stick Me Designs.  You may enter UP TO TWO times, by 1) leaving a comment on the post and 2) by liking (or already do like) SMD on facebook and coming back to tell me in the comments.  More than 2 entries will be deleted.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


ellie's first pod change

Ellie is now on day 4 of her Omnipod saline trial.  Since yesterday was day 3, and the disposable pod needs to moved to a different site every 2-3 days, it was time for Ellie to take off the old pod and place a new one on. 

We took a video so her could show her away-family members what an insulin pump is all about, and for the the CWD's within the DOC how she loves podding!

Things I noticed after watching the video

 ~  Ellie's hands are dirty when she is removing the old pod (you can see where she was blending a pencil drawing by the mark the side of her hand.)  I can assure you she washed them thoroughly when the video 'breaks' for the first time.

~  I used a vegetable oil soaked cotton swab to loosen the adhesive on the old pod.  I know this is probably not the recommended procedure, but it was what we had on hand.  I let it 'soak' for about 15 minutes and as you can see it came off pretty easily.

~  Ellie does not normally wear her t-shirts all tight and pulled back above the midriff.  This was for easy viewing of the pod change.

~ I did not instruct Ellie to swab the top of the saline bottle with an alcohol pad before inserting the needle.  Naughty.  I will do better next time!

~  I did not instruct Ellie to pinch up the skin while inserting the new pod.  I forgot!  Maybe this is why she flinched.  I think pinching the skin up before insertion ensures the needle and cannula go into fat, not muscle.  Correct me if I am wrong!

~  Any thing else?  Do any of you 'podders' have any tips or suggestions for next time?  We will do one more pod change before we return the trial pump back to the Endocrinologist.  They will need a week to process insurance and then we will have a bright, shiny Omnipod insulin pump of our very own.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!


abc easy as 123

This is a fun little alphabet meme that I stole from Lora, who stole it from Pam who lifted it from Hannah . . . . or so they say.

Age: 6x3-7+22/3+27

Bed size: King. Our marriage is MUCH better for it.

Chore you dislike: cleaning the dried pee on the base of the toilet (young boy in the house . . . I hope)

Dogs: Love the idea but not so much in practice. Our last dog whom we lovingly called the brown tornado, went kookoo for Coco Puffs. Seriously. Too many crossed wires.

Essential start to your day: Quiet. No requests. Coffee with creamer and sugar within 10 minutes of my feet hitting the floor.

Favorite color: You know the color a sunset makes over the ocean? Yeah, that color.

Gold or silver: diamonds ;)

Height: Really? Why do they have to rub it in? I have a lack of height, actually. Vertically challenged. 4 feet 11 & 3/4 inches . . . . and YES that 3/4 counts!!!!!

Instruments you play(ed): I rocked the trumpet. My lips are fabulous.

Job title: If 'job' is defined as something you get paid for, then I ain't got one. I do like to pancreate in my spare time.

Kids: Three fabulously awschum kidlets.

Live: Fully! I love my life. I reside in the flat state of Iowa. But wait! Don't judge. I am from Nebraska ~ Gooooooooo Huskers!

Mom’s name: Suzanne

Nicknames: Amer, Shorty the Pimp, Thelma, Mmmoooooooooommmmm, Babe, Hon, & meow.

Overnight hospital stays: None I remember liking . . . the food is always horrible and the wake-up calls are too early.

Pet Peeves: 'Sounds' when I am 'in a mood'. Maybe you should ask my family what my pet peeves are . . . they know.

Quote from a movie: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"

Righty or Lefty: Righty . . . and thank goodness! If you know me personally you know why I say this

Siblings: A sister and a brother . . . and three step-sisters who are no longer steps, but still sisters.

Time you wake up: When I have to.

Underwear: Depends.  Get it! 

Vegetables you don’t like: Hominy. Wait, is hominy a vegetable or a grain?

What makes you run late: Life

X-Rays you’ve had: Many, many brain scans. Still inconclusive if I have one. hehehehehehehehe

Yummy food you make: I am told all my food is yummy. They are a smart family and know where their next meal may or MAY NOT come from.

Zoo animal favorite: Peacocks because they always scared the crap out of my sister.
* You have 6 days left to enter the 'who-who will win' Hoot SMD D-bag!!!


who-who will win

Owls seem to be all the rage right now, and my little girl squealed with delight at the sight of Stick Me Designs new diabetes clutch bags.

Shannon from over at The New Normal Life first introduced me to the bags when she hosted a giveaway.  Shannon was lucky enough to meet Reckina, the creator of this fabulous D-bag and gave a great review, and included tons of interior photos of the clutch style supply bag.  Hop on over and take a look for more details.

Shannon's giveaway is over (boo-hoo . . . I didn't win) but I was still left thinking about that cute owl bag.  We didn't need another supply bag, but these are like purses . . . you can never have too many!  I hemmed and hawed and eventually decided not to make the purchase.

But then Rekina thought of a super awschum idea called the 10 for 10 hoot giveaway and she posted all about it on her facebook page

I love supporting small businesses and I love even more Rekina's generosity of gifting, donating, or contesting one out. 

So I bought a Hoot bag . . . . . and that means I have one extra Hoot bag to giveaway!!!!!




I will leave this contest open until 12:01 am Tuesday (7/26/11).  Here are MY rules for entering.

~ Leave a complimentary comment on this post and whoever has the nicest thing to say about me will win!

:: ahem ::

No . . . . of course not.  Let's start the rules over:

~ Leave me a comment.  That's it!  Make sure you tell me who you in the body of the comment in case it comes in anonymous.

~ 'Like' Stick Me Designs on Facebook and come back to let me know you did.  If you are already a fan, leave me a comment (separate from the first) to let me know you are already in the cool kids' club.

I will tally the entries old school style on an excel spreadsheet, cut out the names and have Ellie pull the winning entry out of . . . . . well, out of something.  I have some time to figure that one out.

* If you already own a Stick Me Designs product, consider entering anyway and gift this cute bag to someone who could use it!

** If you really want to pay me a compliment in the comment section, your entry will still be valid . . . and you will have done your good deed for the day!

Good Luck!



Have you noticed a trend this summer in the DOC (diabetic online community)?

The theme?  The overall take-away?  What am I talking about?


So much, I declare 2011 as the 'Summer of Bravery'.

My first example is my Giggle Girl, Ellie, and the bravery she displayed today while pressing the 'insert pod' prompt on the Omnipod PDM.

We spend a week with the Omnipod full of saline while continuing her multiple daily injections of insulin.  We go back to the clinic in a week to fill out paperwork and face insurance battles to be approved.  Crossing our fingers we will go 'live' with insulin by the first week in August!!!

This is brave stuff for an 8 year old.

Speaking of brave, here are some really cool and brave things I have read about so far this summer.

Diabetes Camps:

Some T1D kiddos went for the first time, and others went back for another round of fun-fun-fun!  Denise, Misty, Tracy, Lorainne and Diane all wrote beautiful posts about the emotional struggles of sending your child, who has a major medical need, away for overnight camp. 

Reyna is taking it a step further by 'braving it up' and sending her sweet Joe to hockey camp.  While not an overnight camp, it is a full day of pancreatic challenges.

Insulin Pumping:

Beginning a new T1D management regimen is bravery to the nth degree.  Sure technology is great, but changing over to something new and unknown can rattle the best of pseudo-pancreases.  Two sweet Mama's are writing about how their family is adjusting to new technology this summer; Amy and Nicole

Placing her trust in a new company, Hallie wrote about the bravery involved in switching insulin pump companies.


So many T1D families hitting the open road, air and sea!  How encouraging it must be to a new family diagnoses with diabetes to read about how HeidiJoanne, JulesJenni, Candy, Stephanie, Penny, LeighSarah and Holly put on their 'brave' super suits and traveled with style.  From Alaska to Disneyland, T1D families showed this disease who is b-o-s-s.

Gaining Independence:

Taking an interest in more self care and the brave mommies who are letting out the leash include Candy (Sugar making decisions), Pam (Grace trying new pump site) and Jen (showing D who is boss as they explore their city).


As in moving residence.  Home.  Packing and hauling and settling in.  Yep, that is some serious bravery if you ask me.  In true DOC style, however, Joanne and Shannon are handling it with grace. 


Accepting that you child has been diagnosed with a life long disease with no cure is tough.  Worse than tough.  Nikki and Lexi work through their grief and anger by bravely blogging t-h-r-o-u-g-h it ALL. 

Family Changes:

When another member of a T1D family has medical needs of their own, the bravery required by the parents to step it up and cinch the belt back is huge.  Tracy handles Princess's illness with Herculean strength and Laura writes about her sweet Sophie's (Hi Super Squirt!) battle with what might now be Crohn's disease.  Heather received stunning news earlier this spring when her Princess was diagnosed with T1D . . . just like her sister Lovebug.  Having two T1Ds in one house makes for a brave Mama.  I encourage each and every one of you to go and visit these brave Mamas and lift them up in prayer.

Also in need of lifting up is lovely Lora.  Justin was diagnosed with Epilepsy earlier this Spring and Lora writes about how life just goes on.  Brave words from a very brave Mama.


Growing is brave, you ask?  If it means adding a four legged pup (training to be a service dog) to your already busy T1D household then you bet your britches it does!  Heidi writes about the brave fortitude it takes to raise money for their daughter to gain a friend and helper.

A Category all her Own:

Meri.  Or, MMmmmmeeeeerrrrriiiiiii, as I like to call her.  The queen of the DOC because this brave Mama bear tends to 3, count 'em 3 handsome T1D boys.  Meri is brave not just during the summer, but all year round!

I realize this post may look a lot like the monthly Blogger Basal, but it's not.

It's just a partial and incomplete list of the 100's of DOC blogs whose writers bravely document their lives for others to connect, communicate and feel a sense of belonging.

Yep!  The Summer of 2011 has a theme . . . . and it is bravery.
Specifically, the D-Mama blogs; since those are the blogs I stalk read the most.



For anyone who has had problems commenting on this site, it is a Blogger issue.  I promise I haven't 'blocked' anyone!  I enabled the pop-up window for comments which will put a bandaid on the issue until Blogger fixes it.


When you leave your home for an extended period of time, do you ask a neighbor or a friend you trust to keep an eye on things?

Or, if you have pets (like our two kittens) who need someone sweet to come over to feed, water and change the litter box . . . . who do you call?

For us it was a no-brainer.  When we planned for our vacation the family who earned the house sitting duty was the same family who asked us to watch their house while they were gone.

We fed, watered and played with their pup and kept an overall eye on the place for any possible problems.  And, we were nice enough to bring Beanarella over to our house to play . . . . everyday!

Isn't she the prettiest Boston Terrier you have ever seen?!

So . . . . . How do they repay us?

By staging a stay-cation at our house while we were gone.  I'll allow the photos to do most of the explaining: remember . . . they had a key

6 adults, 9 kids and 1 masterful plan to stage a s-t-a-y-c-a-t-i-o-n at OUR home while we were in Alaska!

Raiding OUR fridge, using OUR sink to shave, and playing some tunes on OUR piano!

For the record, the almost smiling gent in the photo refused to go in OUR house on the grounds it was illegal.  Hehehehehehehe ~ this guy has integrity!  As for the others . . . . . weeding OUR garden, napping on OUR couch!

Weeping while watching Anne of Green Gables in OUR living room!

Chillin' out while playing Star Wars on OUR Wii!

Balancing on OUR rug while attempting T'ai Chi! 

Using OUR circular saw, Firing up OUR grill and eating OUR ice cream sandwiches!
(okay, they brought their own)

Playing dead in OUR driveway!  

Cleaning up in OUR shower, driving OUR miniature van and baking yummy cookies in OUR oven! 

Playing poker at OUR kitchen table and smoking OUR cigars!
(okay, they brought their own)

Reading on OUR porch, throwing away non-recyclables in OUR green bin, checking the oil in OUR engine!

And the best for last . . . peeing on OUR fence!

How did we find out about all these shenanigans?  When we arrived home after almost 24 hours of traveling, there was a bag of cookies on the table along with a DVD.

We ate, we laughed and smiled 'till our cheeks hurt at the photo montage set to music (Greenday, time of our lives)

We were assured no animals were harmed nor personal space invaded in the making of this stay-cation. 

It didn't matter.  All I could think about was how awschum my friends are and how blessed I am they are in our lives . . . . and OUR home!

Do you have friends like mine?  If you don't, you must go get yourself some.  N-O-W!

P.S.  After watching the video, Maddi asked who was going to go out of town next . . . . "Because THIS game is ON!"