through their eyes

Every Tuesday evening we pick up our CSA box of fresh produce at a coffee shop in downtown Des Moines.  I usually ask my hubby to stop by and pick it up since he works in a nearby suburb and is often out, about and near the area.

This Tuesday I decided to have the kids and I pick up the CSA box and take advantage of the beautiful weather by packing a picnic dinner to have and enjoy down at the nearby PapaJohn sculpture park.  I called Dave to meet us there and join us after work.

Now that we are homeschooling, I wanted this 'field trip' to incorporate an educational aspect, so I told the kids to grab their cameras for a lesson in photography.

We talked ahead of time about framing the subject, (not always or necessarily on center) choosing which direction to best utilize the light, playing with shadows and glare, paying attention to what would be in the background and getting creative with their angle of the shot.

Here are a collection of the photos straight out of their cameras, no photo editing other than placing them in collage format.

Through Ben's (age 7) eyes:

Through Ellie's (age 9) eyes:

Through Maddi's (age 13) eyes:

Yep . . . totally loving this homeschooling gig.

Still to come . . . I promise . . . podding (we all love it) and photos of our homeschool space.  There are simlpy not enough hours in the day or available computers in the house to keep up with my special blogging space!!!