I like to use the word 'really' when another option would be to ask the question: 'Are your serious?'

I know!  I am totally unique.  The word-used-as-a-question is only over-used because other people wear it out.  True statement; just ask my family!

Today I am in a mood to start most of my conversations with 'really? .......'.  Allow me to provide some examples:

"Really?  I still have goopy snot stuck in the back of my throat?  It's only been like 7 days and 2 million hawky coughs and WAY too many pills to thin it out.


"Really?  Why does my son have to crawl back under the covers after breakfast and make me into the mean mom be having to raise my voice and sound empty threats about Santa watching.  Just get dressed, dude.  It's Tuesday.  School.  Again."


"Really?  How did I forget to grab 1/2 n 1/2 for my coffee at the store yesterday?  I believe it is the reason I went there in the first place!"

don't forget

"Really?  I thought you got a flu shot.  Sore throat, headache, no appetite, fever . . . . . . crap.  You have diabetes, you can not have the flu!  Ack.  Crawl back under the covers.  It's Tuesday.  No School for you."

let's throw in

"Really?  I just did the laundry!"

just for fun

"Really?  What makes you think just because you have a big car, that probably costs more per month than my house payment, you can cut in front of everyone in the school drop off lane????????"


"Really?  Pimples?  The big kind that hurt?  At 38 years old?  COME ON!"

What is your 'really' today??????


Anonymous said...

You know, I think it was Chandler Bing who who made "really?" so widely-used! Trivia tidbit of the day!

Unknown said...

"Really...I fucked-up my Christmas cards AGAIN!" Post most likely to follow on this one.

I sooooo hear you on the pimples girl. I am 39 and still get them. I wonder when we will grow out of this stage? LOL

Lora said...

Love your new header :)

I have a lot of "really's" today.
What a great way to share it :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

I like to do "really" sandwiches.

Really? The high tomorrow is only 7? Really?

Really? It's only ten days until Christmas? Really?

Really? I drank all of Amy's chai tea?" Really?

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm totally a Really Girl!

REALLY? The dishwasher just broke and completely stopped mid-cycle?

REALLY? You're calling me to wipe your bum when I'm up to my elbows in marinade for dinner?

That was just a couple of today's reallys :)

I totally relate to the acne...GEEZ! I didn't have zits as a teenager...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Great post :)

Meri said...

My days are full of reallys.

Last night it was, "Really? You told me you were 21 and you read the monitor wrong so you are really 51? REALLY? You think I needed that heart attack?"

Great post...and I hope the really's get cut down to a minimum soon!

BlueGate said...

I suffer from the "really's on a regular basis. Hope they've already let up let up for you and that you can celebrate it at the market this weekend!

Amanda said...

My "really?" would be devoted to my 3 year old.
Really? You just poured your chocolate milk all over the carpet on purpose because you are mad I am making you take a nap?
Really? You just had green diarrhea in your pants and then stuck your finger in it? Right when I am eating my breakfast? Really???

Hallie Addington said...

LOVE this! I say Really??? All the time!
I'm saying it about the snot thing, too. I'm SO READY for the snot to go away and quit chilling in the back of my throat.

Here's another...

"Really? You had to get OUT of the bathtub and drip water all over the upstairs because you had to go into another bathroom to WASH YOUR HANDS? REALLY??

(I like to end with Really??? too!)

Tracy1918 said...

Yesterday's Really...You're 380?

Today's Really? We're out of toilet paper?

connie said...

Loved this post! Thanks for the laughs and yes, I use "really" a lot in my household!

As in..."Really, I JUST cleaned this room!!!"

Then often followed by..."Are you kidding me?!"

HaHa :)

Nice to meet you Amy, I have two daughters who both have type 1 diabetes and the DOC is my go to for the all important 'lifting' of the spirits.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and your family. (((hugs)))